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The Shortcut To Put You In Front Of Thousands Of Prospective Customers

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So, you have a top quality product or service and you have even published audience-specific content online to establish yourself as an industry leader.

All the dots should have lined up and sales should come pouring in. But it’s still crickets in your lead generation department. What gives?

The bottleneck you experience here is the lack of “online traffic”.

In other words, no one knows about you. And because you are invisible to your market, no one will know how great your business or offer is.  

This article will give you an overview of what online traffic is, and the shortcut to place your business in front of thousands of prospective buyers. 

7 Common online traffic sources

Online traffic is simply the number of visitors that a web page receives. For your business to be successful you need to drive traffic to your web page. This web page is where your target audience can learn more about your product / service and have an easy way to buy from you. 

Here is a quick summary of the 7 most common types of online traffic sources. 

  1. Organic traffic, where search engines such as Google rank your web page and place you in front of people who are looking for answers to specific questions. SEO (search engine optimisation) tools are commonly used to enhance this type of traffic.

  2. Direct traffic, where people come to your website by typing your web address into their browser such as your employees or people you met at a networking event who has your business card. 

  3. Referral traffic, also known as backlinks, where people find the reference to your website from someone else’s blog, website, news media release, social media post, video, or podcast. 

  4. Email marketing traffic, where people respond to your email outreach by going to your web page for better understanding of your business.

  5. Social media traffic, where people find you on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, LinkedIn, etc. 

  6. Paid search traffic, where people on search engines such as Google see your ads in their search results that are linked back to your web page when they click on them.

  7. Paid ad traffic, where you place your ads in front of a targeted audience on social media that match the criteria of your choice. Depending on the platform you use (which depends on which platform your target audience uses), your ability to specify the criteria such as location, demographics, interests, etc will vary. 

A key tip to note here is that the number of people visiting your web page is not the sole determining factor to your success because you also need to be able to convert them into sales.

This means that having high quality content is also critical, as you can’t have conversions without traffic, and you can’t keep your traffic without having high quality content that is relevant to your visitors. 

Traffic sources that give you the most control

Out of the 7 types of common traffic sources, paid traffic gives you the most control over who you target, and also the ability to monitor what’s working or not.

They generally attract cold traffic leads which are basically people who have never heard of you. This is good because you are being exposed to more people, however it will involve efforts to warm up these cold leads and establish trust with them.

Email marketing also gives you control over who receives your messages, but if it’s not done correctly, it could lead to your email account and or domain being blacklisted or filtered as spam by recipients or even the email service providers. 

The remaining 5 traffic sources are effective with the right strategies in place, however you have little to less control over who you attract. 

Obviously the best outcome is to have traffic coming in from all 7 sources. If you have a healthy marketing budget and enough content to cover your customer’s buyer’s journey (read more from my other article here), then the paid ad and paid search traffic sources together would work wonders.

Even if your business doesn’t have much online presence currently. Because paid traffic sources do not require you to have an existing following to improve the visibility of your content.  

More ways to use paid traffic sources

To increase your online presence and put your business in front of thousands of prospective buyers is not the hard part using paid ad traffic.

The important thing is to be able to turn a visitor into an action taker which will require a strategy to build trust and credibility.

Selling directly to a cold audience (someone who doesn’t know you from a bar of soap) will almost always fail because you haven’t earned their trust.

Also, each prospective customer will be at a different place in their own buyer’s journey. The trick is to warm up these strangers so they grow to know you, like you and trust you as their one-and-only solution provider. 

The paid ad traffic strategy will work wonders on social media platforms that allow you to advertise to their users. The popular ones are Facebook/Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn. Their advertisement audience criteria is well developed.

In addition, the paid ad traffic strategy is not only a shortcut to promoting your business or offer in front of thousands of prospective buyers; you can also use it to test the response of a target market before you commit more time and money into it.

You can also test new products and services and see how well they are being received by your current target market. If you have more questions, book a time with our expert marketer here. 


In conclusion, having a top quality product or service plus online content is not enough. You need to be able to drive online traffic to your web pages so your prospective buyers know you exist and what you offer.

We have looked at 7 ways to increase your online presence, but the shortcut to put you in front of thousands of prospective buyers is to use paid ad and paid search traffic sources to warm up your visitors so you can develop trusted relationships that result in sales. 

The next relevant question is:
Should I do this myself (DIY) or hire a professional to help?
(And what should I look out for when hiring the right marketer?)

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