"We help small business owners turn their passions into legacies."

– Wells Wong, CEO

"We help small business owners turn their passions into legacies."

– Wells Wong, CEO

What we do

We provide freedom to small business owners who wish to dedicate more time helping their clients rather than looking for them.

Our process starts with understanding how you help your clients, then converting this information into an ad campaign to bring them in.

The whole marketing process is done-for-you from start to finish, which includes setting up your ad account, creating the ads, and optimising them. 

This means you can leverage our expertise and time to grow your business while staying focus on your passion. 

Our advertising experts are always here when you need them. They will guide you throughout your ad creation journey and answer any questions you have along the way.

Getting new clients is the key to any thriving business, but the execution of it can sometimes be confusing and time-consuming.

So, we've made it easy for you to do this in an affordable way. This is all possible because we follow a proven methology and apply the economies of scale by helping others like you. 

Our difference

Many small businesses are spending too much money on the marketers and not enough on the ads themselves.

We observed that some marketers are charging monthly fees of $2,000, $3,000, or even north of $5,000 while not showing any results or feedback. 

It is not unusual that there will be a period where you won’t see any immediate results because this is the very nature of testing and tweaking.

But many businesses are forced to cut their marketing campaigns short because they are forking over large amounts of fees to their marketers, well before their ads can become ROI positive. 

Therefore, in our business model, we want to make sure our clients can comfortably sail through that dry spell so that your money is actually spent primarily on the ads itself which will get you the results sooner. 

The reason why we can offer such a cost-effective solution is because we only focus on ONE milestone at a time rather than trying to do everything all at the same time. We follow a simple 4-step formula. Test, Win, Scale and Repeat. Our goal is to grow our business alongside our client in a win-win situation.

It’s not about making quick money for us. We’re confident that we can continually be an asset to our clients, and that’s why we have set our pricing as it is. 

We'd like to see you succeed in running your ads because this creates a win-win situation for both of us to work together over the long term.

Our story

Happy Customers Consulting was borned out of Wells' own frustration in failing to find the right marketing solution that is both affordable and effective for a team of one (or a few).

What he didn't expect was to awaken his inner marketer that loves to tinker for better results.

Like they say, the rest is history.

Started from a one-person business and now growing into a small team of advertising experts, Happy Customers Consulting has seen an increasing demand for online advertising especially since Covid-19.

The way how consumers discover new ideas and shop online has forever been changed, and we are here to help you to take advantage of this for your business. 

What our clients say

Thank you Wells, for being such a valuable asset for Subeez and our clients. You truly are a legend.

Nicki Ritchie

I wanted to make sure that I worked with someone who would be able to pivot where necessary. And quickly at that. And that's why I chose to work with Wells.

Cliff Coelhe

I recommend you to speak with Wells on how to improve your online customer engagement.

Doug Riddell
My Home Services Group

One of the best marketers I have worked with!

Zaki Maxwell

I highly recommend Wells if you want someone who genuinely cares about you and your business and someone who is determined to get you results.

Julia Zielke
Sales Inside Edge

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